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Greetings! and welcome to my very own website. I am of course, Guinness The Dog (or Sir Guinness if you like). And if you haven't figured it out yet, I am a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. But more than that, I am special in that I have been endowed with Super Powers! "What are these powers" you may ask? This can best be answered by spending some time on this website, and after a short time, you will begin to experience my inherent Pemby-Powers. So look around, have fun, and be sure to sign my Guestbook. And another thing... "ARF"!

What's Up Dog?

The New Barker If you havenít snagged the latest issue of The New Barker, then you are missing out on the best in top dog news and information, paws down! The Summer 2011 edition of The New Barker features my column on "Summertime Funnybones" about the difference between dog jokes and people jokes! Stop chasing your tail and fetch your copy today!

Hi, I'm Guinness!In the doghouse, I've been busy answering new Dear Guinness letters, and our live webcam is broadcasting our every move weekdays until around 2pm ETÖso check it out, dog! And we have new videos coming soon, too! Click on any of those menu buttons on the left side of the screen and prepare to enter the world of Guinness & Rosie! And don't even think about scampering off before signing my Guestbook! High Paw to all our buds out there! ARF!

Guinness and Rosie!

Sir Guinness' Live DoggieCam!Don't forget to check out my very own webcam. Yes, the GuinnessCam is up and running... well some of the time anyway. You're more likley to see me during normal work hours. So go ahead and click here or click on the picture to the left to see if I'm online.

It's GuinnessVision! And by popular demand, I've created a page for displaying all of my incredibly popular hit video files. The file sizes are pretty small so even dialup surfers can view them. It's cool, it's fun, it's exciting, it's... GuinnessVision!

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